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405 Decks offers more than just decks, we bring honor, integrity, and professionalism into the construction world! Using the values and ethics that only the U.S. Army can teach, I will turn your backyard into an entertaining oasis by building the custom Deck, Pergola, and Screened porch you have always desired but thought was too expensive! Don't waste another Summer! Call today for your FREE ESTIMATE!


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One size, in fact, doesn’t fit all.

One of our greatest joys is creating a project that’s tailored both to the needs, and personality of the homeowner. We believe our designs should be as unique as the individuals enjoying them. Each project is handcrafted with the utmost precision and artistry, But as you know, we like taking things a step further.

We offer a variety of project upgrades. Whether you’re looking to incorporate an intricate pattern into your deck’s surface or simply add some hardware to your pergola, we’re here to transform your space into something truly spectacular.

Custom Lighting


One of the quickest ways to transform your space is with custom lighting. It can highlight or subtract from specific areas, and even make the illusion of a larger area. Aside from its functionality, you have further options of directional or luminescent style lighting. 



Porch Swings


Looking for an upgrade that adds comfort to your space, but won’t break the bank? Porch swings are perfect in the sense that our 5' swings don’t take up much space. You’ll also have the opportunity to personalize your swing with one of over 50 sold color choices rangeing in every color on the spectrum!



IMG_0524 2.jpg

A house is a house until you add all the details in which make it a home. We have a variety of corbel designs to choose from. These architectural support brackets are used to accent entryways, porches, columns, gables and more. This is a great way to update a classic structure and is available in various finishes and thicknesses.


Routed Purlin Cuts


Purlins set atop the rim joist of a pergola and are used for increasing the amount of shade while helping the structure resist movement. Just because they’re a functional piece doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little style. Though they act as a bracing component, you have the option to choose 5 different cut designs. We can route the edges of the purlins to really make them stand out!



IMG_0778 2.jpg

The secret to our backyard scenes is in the details. Our arbors add an entirely new dimension to gardens, providing the perfect opportunity for growing a range of climbing plants. An arbor can change the dynamic of an entry gate or be used to shade one of our custom porch swings!



Black Finish Hardware


We offer black finish hardware that adds a beautiful Iron contrast to the design and gives the pergola a masculine finish. High velocity black finish rafter clips come with every pergola. We also offer black finish post-to-beam brackets and post boots!






Sun-Privacy Rails


Pergolas' are designed to provide shade while the sun is over head. What about when the sun is rising and setting? Sun rails provide extra coverage for the solution. They run post-to-post below the rim joist usually 2-3 boards deep. We can also take these rails further down to provide privacy coverage! Who doesn't like their privacy?!




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$250 pre-paid visa card to referrer upon completion of referred job.

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